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Symptoms can’t hang on a healthy body.

Neither can inflammation, toxin filled fat, fatigue, brain fog, disease, bad skin.
A healthy body is a non toxic body.
A non toxic body…STARTS RIGHT NOW.

IT STARTS HERE…When YOU make a commitment to yourself to make these changes…and never look back.

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Currently 1 in 3 Americans are either diabetic or pre-diabetic. That number is estimated to ramp up to 1 in 2 in the next decade.  It comes with a prescription.  Know how much those cost?  $250 per month!

The cost of diabetes is $3k per year on meds alone, what is it worth to prevent that to you?

The MAIN focus of this cleanse is to get a handle on how much sugar and carbohydrates you’re grubbing on.  This part…will ROCK YOUR WORLD. Imagine always feeling the way our First Group Warriors did after they finished…ALL THE TIME!


We have been trying for a long time to be healthier for our own well being and to do our best to be around as long as possible for our child. We haven’t found anything that we have been able to agree on or stick with together until now. My top 5:

  1. I love that the focus was not on weight loss and that there wasn’t stringent calorie counting and food weighing. We ate adequate food and quality food, not food that tastes like cardboard. Both of us lost weight but it was never the focal point, just a natural side effect of being healthier.
  2. I love that I have barely scratched the surface. There are so many more things to try.
  3. I love good food and I still feel like I eat good food. I don’t feel guilty about incorporating healthy fats into my diet.
  4. I love that the grocery store is a rather painless trip, nothing but the essentials on the periphery. Our trips to the farmer’s market are more frequent family outings and I now have quality meat suppliers.
  5. I love that my son is experiencing this journey as well. I work in health care and seeing the state of health in our country is terrifying. Our hope has always been that we will raise him to prioritize health and wellness.

It truly has been life changing and the beginning of a lifelong journey. Warriors for Life!    ~Natasha Wall

A year ago I was a raging alcoholic, on antidepressants, taking large doses of pain meds for a chronic nerve problem and was 220lbs at 5’6″.   That bad combination landed me in the hospital near dead and finally gave me the wake up call I needed for change. I got sober, I kicked the meds, made amends, and started the Warrior Cleanse. Not only was this program easy to follow, it’s real education and I had fun with it creating new recipes to nourish myself! Unlike a lot of cleanses where you drink a lot of juice or practically starve yourself this one satisfies you throughout the day and you don’t feel deprived. My skin looks beautiful and I am getting compliments every day! “Your skin looks amazing. You’re looking as young as your daughter”. I lost a surprising 23 pounds which was entirely unexpected since I would have been happy losing 10 to start! I fit into a dress I haven’t slipped on for over 6 years. It put me in tears! My nerve pains are gone, too. The most amazing thing I took from this was when I realized the habits I learned, stuck. Warrior for Life!  ~Deanna Fenner

I’ve lost 9 pounds and my clothes fit much better! I stopped drinking diet coke and wine every night, and incorporated the Warrior alternative versions Diane provided us with. The kiddos LOVE the ‘healthier alternative’ meals and snacks we ate on the Warrior Cleanse. Also, my skin hasn’t looked better since I was 8 months old. ~Sarah Kastner-Rief

I’m a bikini competitor, and for years have eaten the 6 meals a day, bodybuilding diet. I still suffered belly bloat. The Warrior Cleanse cut back 7 pounds from my mid section and for the first time, I have a flat belly! I lost 7 pounds in 1 month! And I have so much energy I don’t know what to do with it.   ~Taryn Luquin

Knowing how hard Diane worked to provide a wealth of information and guidance for us motivated me to maintain the course. Her encouragement of ‘learning concepts’ vs ‘perfection’ provided the occasional grace to get me back on track when I did slip. I think my poor liver enjoyed the four weeks immensely, resting from the normal junk I’d been pushing through it. More importantly, I knew that I wasn’t on a diet, but making incremental lasting lifestyle changes.  I’ve seen more progress than in anything else I tried prior: sharper thinking, more resonant hearing, less tinitus, moisturized skin, pleasant ‘poops’, more creativity in music, healthier looking hair, slimmer appearance, more physical stamina, firmer butt, easier time waking up in the morning,  better communication, and some newfound self-love too.    ~Andrew Butt

In just 4 weeks, I lost over 15 pounds. I had to order new jeans, and cut 3 inches off of my belt. Everything about this program was totally doable. I didn’t feel like I was ‘missing out’ on anything. Over 8 years, I’ve tried everything to reduce weight; prescriptions, hydration, restrictive diets, weighing meals, juicing, personal trainers, weight training, extra cardio. I’ve read books on juicing, digestion, longevity, water intake. Yet NOTHING worked. So after YEARS of getting absolutely nowhere, with very valiant and diligent attempts, this simple four-part program was able to allow me to break through a barrier that I could not get through EVER before. My blood pressure readings are the lowest they’ve been in 5 years. What’s MOST exciting is once I completed the Warrior Cleanse, Diane offers ‘deeper’ levels of health via comprehensive nutritional lab assessments to further customize my Dream Body Plan. So far, she and the Warrior Cleanse has been worth her weight in diamonds. It’s true nutrition, rolled out on a red carpet, minus the expensive price tag. I can’t recommend it enough, to everyone who seeks REAL health, for good, beyond all of the ‘detox in a box’ gimmicks.    ~Joey Heshion

I’m forever thankful because not only my eating habits & my sleeping disorders have improved but my mental clarity, my will to keep going & specially the love for myself are finally coming back.     ~Claudia Rodriguez

I am down 10 lbs and feel incredible. I NEVER imagined how much this would change me inside and out when we started. I thought I new a lot about health and fitness… But nothing made me feel whole. Until now. I sleep through the night. Before, I would wake up a lot, and wake tired. Oh… And I love pooping. I never knew what being ‘regular’ was all about! Loooove it!  I never realized how much anxiety I lived with. I really didn’t know until it went away. My irritability is non existent now.   ~Carissa McClary

NO MORE MIGRAINES!! I have been on meds for years and I slowly weaned myself off and NOTHING! No pain. This cleanse has been so amazing! I also lost 9 pounds without even trying. Also, my skin has improved, no breakouts, dryness has decreased, it looks brighter and healthier. I just feel good all around, more energy, my mood has elevated as well!  Did I say no more migraines?   ~Dawn Evans

The program was easy and didn’t require any crazy supplements or foods. If I got stuck, Diane was there to answer questions and I loved her Facebook support page where others also doing the program posted how they were doing.   post program, I’ve had amazing results – clearer skin and thinking, smooth digestion and consistent energy through-out the day. I sleep better! I highly recommend her program.    ~Karen Hultgren


2 years ago, I was super fit and what others would refer to as healthy…but I was also obsessive about BEING that. Today, I weigh 12 pounds less, have 2% less body fat, work out an hour less per day/2 less days a week, am not obsessive about weighing food, spend less on ‘supplements’ for higher quality ones that support detoxification (hence fat loss) and vitality, eat more fat, more carbs, less hard to digest protein, no ‘bodybuilding shakes’, and do yoga 3 days a week and maybe 2 days of weight lifting. My back hurts less, I have ZERO tummy bloat (when I was ‘training’ I looked 4 months pregnant with bloat all the time), I don’t pinch my stomach fat in disgust, I don’t freak out if I miss a work out or a meal, and have crazy better energy, brain clarity, skin, overall outlook on life and LOVE to share it with others.

The best part?…LOSING the REAL ‘bad weight’ from digestive inflammation of 12 pounds has left me stronger, more able to fight off disease (I used to get sick for 2 weeks every 3 months) and has given me the gift of this message to share with you!


We launch May, 2015.
It could be any day now!

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Wherever you want! This is all done remotely.  We will provide you all of the documents, tools and virtual support you need to be successful!


I’m pretty sure it’s going to be less than $100, just haven’t decided on the exact amount. You will have the OPTION to add on the detox herbs, which I HIGHLY recommend.
Over the past 6 years I’ve lead cleanses, at least 75% of those who joined the team invested in the liver and colon detox support (this is the DETOX part of our total cleanse). The first time I took them, I lost more than I thought I ‘needed to’.

Went from 16% body fat to 14.8% body fat and lost 2 more pounds.  What?

As a Warrior, you will get 25% off the Detox Chinese Herbs I’ve included as an optional add on to the cleanse, as I’m passing on my doctor pricing to ya’ll – an $85 per month investment for you, saving you $57!!! $40 or so more if you do the OxyPowder (which I can’t recommend enough). 

It is mandatory to ‘SPEND’ time on laughing through this journey.  Be goofy, be authentic and be toxin free, which also includes negative people.  Yep, it’s part of your detox.  If you come across a judgmental jerk, start sneezing obnoxiously, and grab for a tissue and a Quercitin (Mother Nature’s Claritin) and proclaim ferociously the following “I’m allergic to judgmental people”…and just walk away.  Yep, we’re serious!


Our journey through The Warrior Cleanse is structured like this:

Week 1: ‘PHEUD’ out – ie eliminating non real food from your diet and how to do so. Which ‘pheuds’ are making us fat, lazy, inflamed, brain fogged.

Week 2: FOOD in – JUST EAT REAL FOOD…emphasis on the HIGHEST NUTRIENT DENSE foods. NO one has done this yet, as a Warrior, YOU will be the first to learn how to eat by way of ‘biggest bang for your buck’, including Grocery lists from top down foods most PACKED with vitamins to reduce cravings and increase “I’m full” feelings. Cravings come from being low on minerals, vitamins, nutrients right?

The lists, Meal Plans and Supportive Guides are also coded to:

  • accomodate those with auto immune disease (like me)
  • specify which FATS to eat most; with highest anti inflammatory properties
  • minimize bad ‘food’ such as dairy, gluten, soy, corn etc.

Week 3: WHAT DO I PUT ON MY PLATE? The build a plate theory defined…

  • How to calculate calories and macros needed to fuel YOUR body
  • what to put on it (for YOUR body, everyone is different)
  • when to eat
  • intelligent food pairing
  • how long the energy from the food should last
  • We teach you to listen for clues and body symptoms that are telling you that what you ate before was either not enough of 1 thing (fat, protein, carb) or too much of another.
  • What do I eat before a work out?
  • What do I eat after a work out?
  • We bust the myth that eating too close to bed time is ‘bad’ for you.

We also talk about fermented food, gut health, a ferrari functioning digestive track and those being the KEY to your body that is a sustainable clean, mean fat burning, toxin expelling machine.  Move like a Ferrari, conserve like a Prius! Gut health and probiotics is THE fastest growing segments of the supplement world, so, let’s cut through the bull$hit, and get you some truths:

What’s all this hype about PROBIOTICS and how can I do it right?

Not just now but like every day? We don’t like people having to ‘detox’ every year or feeling all run down like they need to because they have been neglecting themselves ‘up until’ the cleansing. WE NEVER WANT YOU TO HAVE TO DETOX AGAIN…why? Because it’s dreadful to think of doing, most people associate it with pooping their butts out, and if you’re at that point where you’re CONFESSING your desperate NEED to do a cleanse, you’ve probably been feeling crappy for months if not years up until now.

Newsflash:  Your body wants to feel good ALL the time, Warrior!

Week 4: How do I STAY clean?  Toxin free lifestyle – beauty, personal care, cleaning products…we’ll go DEEP with this one!

Like what’s making me so dirty to begin with, that surfaces as all these unwanted symptoms? Here, we go BEYOND food that leaves a toxic residue, and hence congests the liver like a Japanese crosswalk (which reveals itself on your ‘waste’line)…and into personal care products and environmental toxins that lurk in your home…did you know:

95% of the toxins we’re exposed to are in our own homes and workspace?

Yeah…those back us up big time and make us fat, tired and depressed. So…we talk about what to ditch and what to hitch instead.  This module will BLOW YOUR MIND.  There are over 85,000 chemicals approved for use today in our country, of which around 250 have been tested for safety.  “Oh, but’s it’s such small amounts”…before you go there, we’ll give you the FACTS that the health industry ISN’T:

Thousands of toxic ingredients in moderation = disease in faster motion

This is one of the fastest growing industries today – ‘The Organics Personal Care Product’ demand is skyrocketing.  There are hundreds of brands, many over priced. In this module, we teach you the brands you’re safe with, which are deceiving, and which you can EASILY DIY (do it yourself) at home for a fraction of the cost.

In many cases, you’ll save 90% + by learning this, saving you thousands per year!


TO EMPOWER YOU TO STAND ALONE, in knowing EXACTLY what your body loves and what it perceives as poison. The idea is not to ‘complete’ it all and have it down and know all of this stuff in JUST 4 weeks. Because anyone who tells you, you can find your skinny (I hate that word BTW), perfect energy, glowing skin in JUST 4 weeks is just trying to sell you something. This will be 4 weeks of planting seeds on what to pay attention to and how to grow into the you of your dreams, your WARRIOR body, WARRIOR spirit, WARRIOR mind!

It has taken me 15 years (6 intensive) to amass this knowledge, make a ton of mistakes, fall of the wagon, get on it again, work with the shadiest bodybuilding coaches to the highest respected doctors in the world, discover I had an auto immune disease, then reverse it!…but my goal is that with this cleanse and our support you can save the 15 years it took me and you can get where I’m at and/or where YOU want to be in 3-12 months, based on what we’ll teach you in these next 4 weeks.

Oooooooooo dang, I’m so excited for you guys to start this.

Remember it IS about enjoying the journey, not being anxious about the destination.


First, be sure to SIGN UP to be notified when we launch and for updates.
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And DON’T FORGET TO CONFIRM your email address when you get the email confirmation.
We’re nearing max for the initial PROMOTIONAL launch, and once we fill up, the price will go up. If you’re curious about the (optional upgrade) herbs, get lost in the awesomeness of their results by reading more on them HERE.

BUT AGAIN….I’m not here to ‘sell you herbs’ I’m here to sell you on what your life could look like if you lived the way we’re going to teach you in the coming weeks. However, I CAN say…of all of my years studying supplements and vitamins (which has been about 18 years), I’ve never been so impressed by a company. These are Organic, food based, Chinese medicine based herbs…who believe that any detox reaction is not a good one. You should NOT have any negative side effects with these. Which is SO MUCH more than I can say about any others I’ve ever used to lead detox and cleanse groups.  


SIMPLE…I don’t want others to suffer like I have…and I want you to know the truth!

My whole life, I have always been an athlete.  I played soccer since I was 4… Competitive soccer since 13, Varsity all through high school, D1 in college and pro soccer therafter.  I was athletic…but I wasn’t HEALTHY.

I drank too much, I smoked cloves here and there, I ate piles of gluten, dairy galore, canned food, micro-waved food, sugary granola, ice cream and cookies.  Drank Gatorade because we were sponsored by them and I thought it was ‘healthy’ to replenish my electrolytes lost on the field.

I drank Nyquil when I got sick, took Accutane when my face mounted zits so big they had Social Security numbers, I took Tylenol when after a big tournament and my back hurt…then I took Vicodin when that wasn’t enough.  I took birth control, not to prevent getting pregnant, but to make PMS less painful. I took fat burners to TRY to burn off the fat I loathed. I took antibiotics for my Urinary tract infections once a month.  Then, the day came…where the doctors told me to take the antibiotics DAILY to prevent UTI’s.  Back then, I didn’t know much.  But I knew enough…to know that taking antibiotics daily sounded extreme.

And that was day my whole life changed…for the better.

For many, that could have been a curse, but for me it was a blessing.
It woke me up, the more I researched, the more I grew disgusted by the way things are today.

  • Antibiotics?  Really?  That means NO LIFE
  • Probiotics = FOR LIFE…why aren’t my doctors telling me about that?
  • There’s GOT TO BE a better way.
  • And there is….you’ve found it.

WARNING – you may save a ton of $ on prescription drugs, time taken off at work for being sick, time spent to and from the hospital, $ spent on surgeries.

In a nutshell, you WILL save your life.

And this?

This is JUST the beginning.

My hope is that this is a seed planted in your mind, in your soul and in your 401k…because with the health skills you’ll learn in this 4 weeks, will save you a GRIP of $ in the future, not having to dip into your retirement to pay for sickness…since all you’ll know is WELLNESS!

And guess what?

THIS IS FOR YOUR FAMILY TOO!  Your friends, colleagues, drinking buddies, everyone in your Warrior posse. Without saying a word, you’ll inspire people to be better versions of themselves. You’ll get to help your LOVED ONES, humanity, our nation GROW…away from disease and into EASE.

Part of this journey includes ACCOUNTABILITY…if no one knows you’ve embarked on this path, no one can be by your side to cheer you on, and pull you outta the game when you’re not putting forth the effort!  Fumbling the ball here and there is ok, and a good Warrior knows how to forgive themselves and keep going…but once you’re IN THE GAME, as in you’ve TOLD THE WORLD you’re doing this, you’re much less likely to fumble because you’ll bring your A game.


Because we give a damn…A LOT…about you…
We have a PRIVATE Facebook group.  Regular webinars.  Straightforward how to Videos.  All things that will keep you on track, and bring you back WHEN you go off.
Perhaps the BIGGEST asset of this group that makes it special is COMMUNITY!
You are already SOMETHING AWESOME.
Imagine being surrounded by thousands more AWESOME warriors like yourself.
We all fall.
It’s how we rebound from the fall, that dictates our success.
EXPECTATION #1 of this cleanse – You won’t get it right the first time.  A popular televangelist often says:

“I’m not where I want to be, but thank God I’m not where I used to be.”


Let’s bring this home.

Let’s win this game.

Let’s get you feeling better than you ever have before…and KEEP YOU THERE!

Let’s take this to the streets, and let everyone in America know…how to ditch the toxins and go back to simple, where our bodies heal naturally, provided we get out of its way.

Ok, starters on the line (cue National Anthem)…

Players get in your places…

Let the games begin!

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