6 weeks to Superhuman

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…6:30-7:30pm Pacific Time, join us LIVE or ONLINE…

…Prepare to transform to Sexy, Spirited, SUPERHUMAN…Forever…FREE!


Isn’t it annoying when you just wanna feel amazing and look hot and the path to get there seems the LEAST straight forward of them all?  Like it’s SO HARD to be healthy, hot AND happy today…can’t someone just tell you all of the answers so you don’t have to research it all yourself?

I promise this isn’t too good to be true, but you’ll have to see for YOURSELF!

In celebration of our ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY, we’re launching the NEW Warrior Cleanse, and offering MASSIVE discounts to transform the lives of YOU and your friends.


Starting Tuesday, January 26th, I with my Mission: SuperHuman YOU, Wellness team are opening the door to my home, to friends and followers around the world who are READY to become a Warrior, and transform into the body of their dreams.  Is this YOU?  I created this agenda myself, so you can follow along the key tenants of The Warrior Cleanse lifestyle, which is PROVEN to reverse disease, excess weight and symptoms you’ve been struggling to ditch for decades.  Do you have to be enrolled in The Warrior Cleanse?  NO … but it will enhance these 6 weeks…and your life (duh – LOL).  We’ll be announcing our MASSIVE blow out discount for the program just before we begin Tues, Jan 26.  Here’s our agenda (all things that took me over a decade to learn myself):

6 Weeks to Superhuman Agenda


$10 for supplies for guests who show up LIVE
FREE for anyone who wants to tune in remotely…


My home if you’re local to Southern California
-OR- if not…
ONLINE – we’re recording it LIVE on Periscope, so you can watch live or later (directions to follow)


One year ago, we launched THE WARRIOR CLEANSE….
Since then, men and women around the world have turned their life around and accomplished health feats they NEVER thought possible.

“Miraculous disease reversals, cancer recovery, skin rejuvination, mood enhancement, ‘easy’ weight loss, the best sleep and sex of your life”…it all awaits you!

Here’s a brief clip of what you can expect:

Lifelong dreams are being accomplished, miracles happening, lives CHANGED…FOREVER.
Because it’s not a cleanse, it’s a community, a family, a new way of living…so you never have to ‘detox’ again…because you’re ALWAYS living in the warrior armour of your very best YOU.
And you’re in a supported community where you’re never alone, always supported…along your journey to self love through real food, yummy recipes, intelligent systems, and a mindset where YOU learn how to think for yourself, so you become a true WELLNESS WARRIOR!

Hundreds have transformed.
Thousands have followed.

Join us!